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Seminars are humans only and run between 2-3 hours. Workshops include an additional hour following the seminar with hands-on work and demos using participant dogs.

Dog Body Language and Communication

$45 per participant/seminar, $60 per participant/workshop *The seminar that should be required learning for anyone who lives or works with dogs. What is your dog saying, why is it important, and how can you respond in a way that your dog will understand. Go in depth with dog body language, vocalizations, social cues, and behavioral cues. Take home a deeper understanding of your canine best friend and the tools to communicate more successfully with one another.

Shy/Fearful Dogs

$45 per participant/seminar, $60 per participant/workshop *What does fearful behavior look like, where might it come from, and what can we do to adjust our behavior or a situation so it isn't so scary? You'll learn to see "scary" situations from your dog's perspective, develop skills in both yourself and your dog that enable them to navigate the world more successfully, build confidence, and troubleshoot ways to remove unintentional threats and set dogs up to succeed.

Rowdy Dogs

$45 per participant/seminar, $60 per participant/workshop *Is your dog a bit of a wild child? We'll explore arousal issues, jumping, mouthing, and high energy/high intensity dogs and what we can do to prevent and redirect unwanted behaviors and appropriately channel all of that over the top dogginess. Learn to meet your dog's physical, mental, and emotional needs, and set clear and appropriate boundaries to help your big bundle of canine live successfully in the human world.

Reactive Dogs

$45 per participant/seminar, $60 per participant/workshop *Reactivity is one of the most common behavior issues impacting dogs and their people. We'll look at causes, triggers, treatments, practical management techniques, and inject some much needed humor into life with a leash gremlin. Learn to see your dog's outbursts through their eyes, better regulate your own behavior so you can help them better regulate theirs, and turn everyday hurdles like neighborhood walks into training opportunities.

The Emotional Lives of Shelter Dogs

$45 per participant/seminar, $60 per participant/workshop *Take an in-depth look at the emotional, mental, behavioral, and physiological life of a shelter dog and learn what we can do to mitigate stress, prevent behaviors from developing and/or escalating, and provide shelter dogs with the support and interventions they need not just to make the successful transition from shelter to home, but to ensure that they are provided with an ethical quality of life while living in-shelter.

All About Enrichment

$45 per participant/seminar, $60 per participant/workshop *From dogs in homes to dogs in shelters, learn which enrichment experiences are the best fit for your dog(s) and/or situation, how enrichment plays a critical role in well-being and the prevention and treatment of behaviors, use enrichment to strengthen your relationship with your dog, and discover just how much variety there is in the wonderful world of canine enrichment.

Multi-Dog (and Cat!) Households

$45 per participant/seminar only *Whether you're integrating new companion animals or troubleshooting the relationship between existing housemates, this seminar will look at safety, preventing conflict, identifying and treating its sources, shifting negative associations and building more positive ones, and discuss honestly when a situation may call for rehoming.

Finding Harmony in Your Home

$45 per participant/seminar only *Does it feel like there's a disconnect between what your dog seems to want and what you want from your dog? Learn how to set the types of rules and boundaries that work for your specific household, find ways to bond and meet your dog's needs that are enjoyable for the humans in your home too, troubleshoot common behavior issues, look at life in the human dominated world through your dog's eyes, and discover ways to better communicate with your canine companion to create a happy and harmonious home that works for everyone.

The Family Dog (households with children)

$45 per participant/seminar, $60 per participant/workshop *What do safe and compassionate interactions between dogs and children look like and why are they so hard to achieve? We'll take an honest look at why young children are at such a high risk of being bitten, what child/dog interactions often look and feel like from both perspectives, and what parents can do to keep everyone safe and ensure that the lessons their children learn from sharing their home with a companion animal are those of empathy, compassion, kindness, and respect. We'll also take an equally in-dept look at the positive side of children and dogs sharing homes and all the wonderful things they CAN do together!