We know you got a dog to have fun, share adventures, and experience that unconditional love only a dog can give you. Not to feel frustrated or work complicated training plans or do things to your furry buddy you don’t want to do. Our relationship-based approach means you can train your dog with love and get the results you need.


Our extensive background in the shelter/rescue field means we’ve worked with all kinds of dogs of various breeds, histories, and challenges. We know each dog is an individual and that what works for one dog might not work for another. We listen to your dog's story and fit our methods to your dog’s needs and help you find the solutions that work for both of you.


Training your dog doesn’t have to be a chore! And you don’t have to worry that you’ll be instructed to do things that might frighten your dog or damage your relationship. Our methods are easy to learn and focused on setting your dog up to succeed. Many are game-based, so you can relax and have fun while getting the results you need!


It can be hard in large group classes to get the individual attention necessary to master the skills needed to train your dog. All of our classes are small, and many 1-on-1, so you and your dog will never get lost in the shuffle. And since every dog and human learns a little differently, small class sizes mean we tailor the curriculum to your needs.

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Preventing Behavior Issues During a Pandemic

Dogs are loving having their humans home with them all day, but at some point life goes back to normal. So how do we make the most of this time with our dogs while setting them up to succeed when we emerge from shelter in place and social isolation protocols? …

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COVID-19: Services, Resources, and Policies

To best support you and your dogs during the evolving COVID-19 situation, we are rolling out some proactive policy changes, services, and resources that we will continue to adapt and update to keep pace with community safety. Read on to see what's changing and watch this space for updates …

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Enrichment and Behavior

If we could change just one thing to positively impact the lives of dogs in homes and housed in shelters, it would be this: provide regular, varied, species appropriate enrichment. While enrichment is not the same as behavior modification, it can do wonders to prevent behavior issues from developing and/or escalating due to boredom, stress …

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Leash Gremlins Need Love Too: Help for Leash Reactive Dogs

Reactivity is one of the single most common behavior issues faced by dogs and their people. In fact, many of us need only glance a few inches down the couch to see our very own much loved leash gremlins. Rather than just define what reactivity is, we wanted to focus on its consequences and solutions …

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