Our Mission

Welcome to Dog Possible where we celebrate the dog in front of us and work with you to create a plan that makes their possible a reality.

Dog Possible is committed to providing training, behavior modification, canine care, human learning experiences, and high-quality resources that combine science, compassion, integrity, and an ever-present focus on the possible. We seek to enrich and deepen the relationship between humans and dogs through understanding, empathy, skill building, and a sense of fun! Our varied and evolving array of services is targeted to serve both people and dogs alike in all of the many places their lives intersect.

  • Provide an array of targeted resources and learning opportunities that help humans better understand the dogs with whom we share our lives and homes.
  • Offer programming that supports and guides dogs and people sharing homes as members of a family toward a rich and harmonious life together.
  • Keep dogs in their homes and out of animal shelters through behavior intervention and modification services.
  • Assist dogs in shelter and rescue programs through targeted programming that supports successful adoptions, effective fostering, and improved quality of life.

Meet Amy & Jen!

This is the third Austin based collaboration between Jen Germann and Amy Fitzsimmons with the mission of serving Central Texas dogs and the people who love them. Amy and Jen met at Austin Pets Alive! where Amy founded and led both the Behavior & Enrichment Team and Trail Site programs and Jen served as the Dog Foster Behavior Lead. They went on to found and co-direct Dogs Out Loud, a non-profit dedicated to supporting shelter dogs with more resource intensive behavior needs, with three other like-minded ladies before finally deciding to turn their passion into a livelihood with Dog Possible. Jen and Amy are life-long dog lovers, animal behavior nerds, and naughty dog groupies with a commitment to training and care practices that are fun, don't hurt, and help dogs and their people better understand each other and achieve the best relationship and quality of life possible for everyone.

Both ladies have over a decade of education and experience in dog behavior and shelter/rescue work and are committed to continued education and staying on top of advances and best practices in the field.

  • Amy is a Certified Behavior Consultant Canine (CBCC-KA) through the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers and a Certified Dog Behavior Consultant (CDBC) and Certified Shelter Behavior Consultant (CSBC-D) through the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants. She is also the founder of Ethics in Animal Care, a local collaboration among animal care professionals who follow a science and compassion based care philosophy, of which Dog Possible is a pledge partner.
  • Jen is a certified TTouch Practitioner I and a Canine Nutritionist.
  • They are members of The Pet Professional Guild and as such are strongly committed to humane, compassionate, evidence based training practices.
  • Both ladies hold the following certificates from the Ethology Institute Cambridge: Evolution, Animal Welfare, Emergency First Aid for Animals, Anatomy and Physiology, Animal Learning, Canine Behavior, Dogs Home Alone, Canine Problem Behavior, and Pedagogy.
  • In addition to seeking out books, research, and exciting writings and curricula, participating in relevant webinars, and collaborating with their fellow local trainers, Jen and Amy have completed seminars and workshops with Suzanne Clothier, Ian Dunbar, Ken McCort, Ken Ramirez, Debbie Jacobs, Pat Miller, Nicole Wilde, Grisha Stewart, Linda Tellington-Jones, Patricia McConnell, Jean Donaldson, Chirag Patel, Janis Bradley, Leslie McDevitt, Michael Shikashio, Jim Crosby, Dr. Jennifer Summerfield, Dr. Jessica Hekman, Helene Lawler, Amy Cook, Denise Fenzi, Dr. Lisa Radosta, Dr. Susan Friedman, Kathy Sdao, and more.

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